Ever since its establishment in 1990, Kris-R Ltd has worked with the largest businesses in the area. Among them is the largest sugar factory in Bulgaria, The largest warehouse equipment producing factory, the largest smelter, on of the biggest weapons factory in the country, etc. These more than 20 year relationships speak of the company's loyalty and reputation better than anything.

Foreign partners: Kris-R Ltd is operating on several international markets including Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and others.

It is our policy to actively participate in social projects, helping the regions development. Some of the entities we have supported are the local police department, several of the local schools, the municipality itself, several international fairs, retirement clubs and sports clubs.

The owner of the company is a past president, former secretary and current member of the Local Rotary club (district 2482)

The firm is also proud host of the “Industrial Graffiti Fest” which is held annually at our premises and is sponsored entirely by us. It summons Bulgaria's best graffiti artists and is gaining increasing popularity.